Why SharePoint ?!


It stores files, documents, forms and images

Means of communication

Contains communication between users through advertisements or discussion boards


Looks like the calendar inside Outlook

Task Management

Enables and assigns specific tasks to users through the system

Task Manager for a specific project

A task management system for a particular project and linking it to MS Project

Questionnaire system

Conducted questionnaires to measure the percentage of achievement of the goals or not

Personal sites and blogs

Anyone in the organization can own a personal website and blogs can be activated


To receive any amendment directly via personal mail

:: Definition of

One of Microsoft's enterprise-centric Web sites, which is one of the best enterprise content management systems in full compatibility with MS Windows operating systems, the MS Office application suite and MS Exchange mail servers, and with many features and features available in the system, Flow of files, systems of proposals and referenda to technical support systems and project management

:: Benefit from use

- Highly efficient interaction among users through the exchange of files between them

- Distribute tasks to users

- Create a personal profile for each user

- Easily find people and search files and applications

- Find specific data from different databases or business applications in the enterprise.

- Easy to publish reports, lists and KPIs - integrated with databases.

Advantages of SharePoint

General advantages of SharePoint

1. Facilitate interaction between employees within large organizations and huge.

2. Use the biggest companies in the world and the biggest banks and universities.

3. Can create websites and portals.

4. Easy to manage production processes and management.

Advantages of SharePoint for large companies and institutions

1. Help in tracking work tasks see staff and what they do.

2. Organizing documents, records and content management.

3. Help in the search process within large organizations and institutions.

4. Working on linking branches together.

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